Hi all. I had imaging working fine on NW6.5 but decided to move zenworks
to a new oes2 install. DHCP is still on the netware box (I have removed
the option 60) and everything else in on the linux box. When i boot a
workstation and hold the CTRL _ ALT keys to get the Zen menu up it
returns PXE-E53: No boot filename received and carries on with the
normal boot sequence. The linux server has 2 network cards in it , one
on the same segment as the dhcp clients (LAN side)and one on the outside
(WAN) side. I have tried setting the "NovellPolicyEngine" property in
novell-proxydhcp.conf to the IP address of the NIC on the lan side but
still no luck. Any ideas what I should try next? BTW the version I
downloaded for the linux install was ZEN7_with_SP1_IR2.

Thanks in advance