I'm voting Micky Mouse for President. The other cadidates are just
plain Goofy.

My religion is better than yours. Says so right here on this brochure I
picked up at the market while standing in line at the checkout.

WAR: W. Axl Rose.

A Priest, a Rabi, and a Preacher all walk into a bar. The athiest ducks.

What do all politicians have in common? If you run up and stab one in
the arm with a pencil they bleed. You're probably also going to go to
jail. I mean seriously. That's assault stupid.

A Democrat, Republican, and a reporter all walk into a bar. Man that
looked like it hurt. I'll watch that on youtube later.

Joe Sixpack is ripped.

I don't see what the problem with the economy is. I just bought a weeks
worth of food for five bucks and got a slightly used trash can for free.

I found the best way to save on energy cost. I converted my car to
methane and eat a lot of beens. I get about twenty five miles to the can.

It's the end of the world and we know it. And I feel fine. - R.E.M.

thE eNd