For those website design junkies in the group.

So, I'm once again tasked with website creating for my old job and my
new job. Well, technically I was never untasked with the old job. Due
to lack of information I never really finished it.

I digress. I've been really fascinated by pure CSS menus instead of
javascript ones. Mainly because it doesn't require javascript. The
problem is browser support. Mainly IE (I'll give you a moment to get
over the shock). However, version 7 actually does a much better job of
supporting this. So the question is do I try to support prior version
of IE (and other browsers that do not adequately support CSS menus) with
hacks and such, skip using the CSS menus in favor of javascript driven
ones, or say forget it and just move forward with CSS menus and simply
tell people with a popup to use a better browser.

My inclination is to just move forward. Mainly because it seems to work
well enough in modern browsers, including IE. I've checked the system
requirements for Opera and the latest version of it still supports
windows 98. I know that as a 'good' web designer I should probably
support IE 6+, Firefox 1.x+, Opera 8+, etc., but frankly I'm wondering
exactly why. While I know the majority of users are using IE I'm
guessing that most probably are up to version 7. Those still using
Windows prior to XP are the exception because they can't get version 7.

Anyway. That's my rambling for the day. Had to let it out somewhere.