I'm having another NMAS 2.1 issue.... This looks like yet another
flaky snap-in, which I've had a few of with this product.

Here's the problem, we had RADIUS 1.0 installed years ago on DS6/7.
We've upgraded to eDir and needed to move to NMAS 2.1 so the RADIUS.NLM
could live on a NW6 server.

Mostly we enable RADIUS by container, then the users in those
containers just get "use container setting" by default in the "Dial
Access Services" tab.

We found a few users after we migrated that got "user not member of
dial access system" on the new RADIUS server. On closer inspection, we
saw that someone had configured a specific Dial Access System for those
UserIDs, which of course was the old one.

Here's the problem, I can't "remove" the old DAS info from the users in
question. I can manually associate them to the new object and then it
works, but I'd like to remove the user based config and just use the
container setting, so if we change or upgrade RADIUS in the future, I
don't have to go back and find all of these like I'm now having to do.

Any ideas on how I can clear the old DAS info from a user object?

Thanks in advance!

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