We are running GW 7.02 with 1 PO and DMS in a storage area (outside the PO).
Few days ago we've upgraded the Netware SP and the eDirectory across all the servers because it was neede for IDM installation.
After the installation i found out that:
1. I can't add users to librarys or give individual rights to users in librarys
i've created .
2. I can't add users to Distrebution Lists

I'm running C1 that came with the SP (1.3.6h) which i upgraded with
c1update tool (Like i always did in the past).
The GroupWise Snapins are 7.02
All the changes i do seems to be accepted - but, thay do not work.
For exemple :
I created a new Library ,linked it to a Storage Area ,gave public rights
and than individual rights to uses .
but when thay try to craete a new document pops an Error :
Unable to create new document. Filedoes not exist:8209

Please Help