Hi, we are working on migrating our ws (xpsp2 - authenticated to eDir and AD) from zen4 to zcm10.1.1 (zcm server is w2k3sp2). We are removing novell client, zen4 agent and installing zcm10.1.1 agent and after this the ws should authenticate to AD only and register to zcm.

During some tests we found out that authentication to zcm is only possible when nwgina.dll is present in ...\system32 and GinaDLL is set to nwgina.dll (remember:novell client has been removed) in winlogon key (registry)....we are somewhat concerned by this behaviour as passthrough authentication to zcm should also be possible with ms client only.

Is this working as designed or do we have a problem here? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you