We are getting ready to rollout the latest 4.91 SP5 client to about 5500 XP
SP2 desktops, which are currently running 4.91 SP2. We are fine-tuning
various client settings, in hopes that they will help resolve a couple of
long-standing issues - 1) some PCs login/auth to replica servers across the
WAN link, instead of using the local Novell server, 2) if a PC loses
power/turns off, it doesn't always find the server on reboot, and 3) when a
WAN link goes down, people can't login locally.

Each Center typically has 1 NetWare 6.5 SP7 server ( running DHCP
(with SLP options) and secondary SLP DAs. Each site has an MPLS link - Full
T1 in most cases. The 2 NetWare replica servers (master and r/w) are
located at Corporate, but each local Novell server has a r/w replica of its
own site partition (users, printers, servers...). We use Universal
Passwords, PWSS, and IDM 3.5 for AD and eDir syncs. The DNS servers are
located at our Corporate office; we are not running NAMED at this point, nor
any contextless login setup. ZAM/ZEN/Zxx and GroupWise 7 are running.

I just wanted to run some changes by this forum, and to get some input on a
few settings I couldn't find much information on:

Here are the settings we plan on pushing, which we've changed from the
default settings:

1. Bad Address Cache Timeout: 0
2. Bad Server Name Cache Enabled: ON
3. File Caching: OFF
4. IP Address Costing: 1
5. Name Resolution Timeout: 1 sec
6. SLP Resolve Nearest Server: ON
7. Give up on requests to SAs: 3 seconds
8. SLP Cache Replies: 5 minutes
9. Wait before giving up on DA: 5 seconds

Not sure if we should change these settings from their defaults:

IP Address Costing Timeout
Replica Timeout
Server Cache Timeout

Any key client settings I've missed that should consider changing from the
default settings?