OK got a new OES2-Linux server and we are trying to get OES running so we can install clustering. Right now I am having 2 issues. I am thinking if I get the first one fixed the second might fall into line.

Issue 1 - I cannot run nssmu on the server. When I look at the context for the server I not see the NSS admin volume for this server. I do see it for the second server (setup the same).

I am trying to get the Admin volume recreated. In NetWare I used to reboot and viola it was created aujomagically for me. Not had any luck so far on OESL. Not finding anything in the KB either, but I am probably missing the magic words for it to come up.

Anyone help here?

Issue 2 - trying to create a SBD on the SAN. I have not been able to share the disk space on the SAN from node 2 (has an admin volume), much less create any partitions/pools/volumes..... I know this might have to do with node 1 issue, but any help here appreciated.