I had a false start on my Migration preparation . . . the eDir installed
with v. 8.8, so I've reinitialized the drives in our RAID 1 and reinstalled
the O/S using a NW 6.5 SP6 Overlay CD.

Ok, several questions at this point:

- I didn't see where to change the default SYS: volume size, on the
install, so it went in with 4GB. I'd like to change this. (I'm a bit
fuzzy on my first NW 6.5 install, so I don't recall if I adjusted this
in iManager, or had to set this on the install.)

What's the preferred method of setting the SYS: volume size?

- iManager isn't installed . . . do I install from a NW 6.5 SP6 Products
Overlay version? Or can I install from a NW 6.5 SP7 Products update
(not Overlay)?

- In the case of other Products . . . do I need to install from an
Overlay version? Or will the standard SP update work?

- Also, I had left several Volumes alone (that were created on a RAID 5)
but, now, they're not showing up in Windows Explorer, when I log into
the TEMP Tree — I'm only seeing the recreated SYS: volume. Is there
a way to bring those other volumes back into the new system?