Greetings folks,

Let me start out by saying RADIUS is running great. RADIUS.NLM is version
3.72 running on NW 6 SP3. My dial in users are being successfully
authenticated as I type.

The problem I'm having has to do with a wireless access point I'm trying to
set up as a RADIUS client. As far as I can tell the AP is set up correctly,
it works fine with no authentication in place. When I enable RADIUS support
on it, I connect and provide my eDir credentials, and on the logger screen
I get error -803 (which translates to "NO_SUCH_ATTRIBUTE"). In the Dial
Access System object, the AP has an entry with the correct IP address and
shared secret. The client type is set to Generic RADIUS, and I think this
is the root of my problem.

The access point is a Proxim ORiNOCO AP-4000. The only specifications the
documentation gives about RADIUS on it is the Accounting piece meets RFC
2866. Other than that and where to plug in values when setting it up, the
only other info offered is "Problems with RADIUS Server configuration or
RADIUS Authentication should be referred to the RADIUS Server developer".

I notice in the clients part of the Dial Access System object, there are 15
different RADIUS types besides Generic. None of them hint to being
compatible with what Proxim is doing. I'm going to eventually try them all
one by one, but thought I'd post here first with hopes for some advice.