Running Zen 7 with HP6. I'm trying to get the NAL Explorer to load on
startup for my PC's. I read that one can force it via the login script or
through a workstation policy. I decided to go with the latter. I created a
custom policy that tells it to launch NAL when the user desktop becomes
active and to launch as the interactive user.

It works for most PC's I've tested it on. But, so far, it hasn't worked on
a Win 2000 and an XP machine. I can't seem to figure out why. I'm thinking
that it's possible that it hasn't seen that it's associated to the policy
I created, but I'm not sure how to check that.

How does one check on the PC to see what workstation policy it has?

Also, how does one figure out why it's not working?! How do I go
troubleshooting this?

Thanks in advance.