Hey all, I'm in need of some brain power on this one. I just updated my
nw6 server to sp4. Everything worked great except for my Radius
authentication services are no longer working. At first I was presented
with the highly detailed:

[2004-04-03 09:38:33 AM] Access Rejected
10.x.x.x, xxx, Miscellaneous error (34960)

So I researched the problem and found that BM 3.6 has an updated
Radius.nlm to fix this very problem, but, on nw6 sp3. Well, since I'm
hosed anyway, I tried using the radius.nlm contained in the fix. (TID
10081754). Now radius appears to be looking up users ok, but, everyone
who tries to login gets the following radius access error:

[2004-04-03 10:48:47 AM] Access Rejected
10.x.x.x, xxx, Invalid password

Passwords are good. Any ideas?