Hi All,
I am developing an application to connect to GroupWise user's account using trusted object so that I can login without password and can browse through folder hierarchy and messages in it. The program is written using Visual studio 2003 and is in C++.
I can successfully create the trusted object and log into user's account. The problem comes when I try to open the folder and look for messages using IGWFolder::get_Messages(&pDIGWMessages). It throws the access violation. the access violation information looks some thing like:
"Access violation at 7c910ffa while write at 0 exception code: c0000005".
Some time other methods e.g. IGFolder::get_Name(&FolderName) also fails with same kind of access violation.

The interesting thing is that the program works fine for most of users in same postoffice but always fails on one particular account.
Has any one come across such problem?
Any help is highly appreciated.