I have a bit of a stumper here....

We have a connected MS/HS. All Cisco switches (3750/2960/Ce500) and the IDF's run to a central 3750 via fiber. We recently had a lot of power glitches with unexpected drops, ups, and so on. Most all the switching environment should have been on UPS's but I can't confirm all were. So what happens is that a station in the switch stack at the MDF appears to login pretty good, but anything in the IDF's appear to be "stalling" while connecting to one of the servers. Its acting like it can't find the server during the login script, but it seems to be ok once the machine is logged in. The machines are WinXPSP2, and normally the client should be 491sp4. I have tried 491sp5 as well. At the tech office all is aok and it rocks right through, but the same login, same machine, same everything coming through an IDF has a long stall, sometimes effectively locking up. What I would like to see is a log file or some kind of advanced diagnostics I can run to see exactly what the hangup is on connection from these locations. Usually we see "Authenticating to server xxxx" and it seems to stall there. Interestingly this issue does NOT appear to happen when coming in from another school to here. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Network layout:

Nw65SP7 servers
WinXP cl32v491sp4/5 clients
I am confirming now on if these are all SP3 machines or a mix or what. One plan of attack was to setup a hub with a notebook running Wireshark; if I can get this configuration setup what am I looking for?

Loads on all servers are nominal.