Hello all,

I have been reading up on various posts on this forum for quite a while, checking on various issues related to ZCM.

I first implemented ZCM on June of this year, and was impressed with the web interface and flexibility, and how some of the features worked very well. However, I am plagued by some common issues with ZCM:

- Slow login (albeit not horrible, usually 30 - 45 sec at the most, still not good)
- Intermittent failure of group policy
- Intermittent and random failure of DLU policies

I really want to make some headway on these issues, and was wondering if anyone here has seen any improvement on these with either 10.1 or 10.1.1 ?

My environment:

ZCM on Server 2003 R2 32-bit
single user source: edir 8.7.3 on Netware 6.5 sp 5
800 workstations

Also, is there a best-practice guide available for troubleshooting speed issues? Something along the lines of what TIDs are available for troubleshooting general client login issues. You know, just to make sure that all the ducks are in a row for things to work correctly.