I know there have been a couple of posts about various apsects of this
action, but I'm afraid I'm still not clear on when it can be used and when
it can't.

We are currently using ZfD7 with WinXPSP3 workstations.

We have some applications that take ages to install, and consequently prefer
to try and do this of an evening when out student areas are likely to be

We have tried using workstation-associated applications that are set to
preinstall from a specific time, but we are finding that the applications
tends to start installing almost immediately, thus taking no notice of the
scheduled time.

One such application is MATLAB - R2008a. The problem with this one is that
if a user logs off in the middle it doesn't complete properly and we then
have to delete the partial directory structure and send out the install
again. The object is set to run a setup.exe with a configuration file to
enable silent installation. The application is FR, pre-install. It is
however set to run as secure system user - is this the problem?

We've also tried a simple application that simply copies a file from a
server location (to which our workstations have access) to a folder on the
hard drive that exists already. The pre-install works perfectly, but it
totally ignores the fact that it has been scheduled to run from a specific

It may be that I don't understand the login behind this facility, but I'm
pretty sure we've used it successfully in the past. Does a simple file copy
not count as a valid pre-install with schedule application object? Does a
file running setup.exe not count? Should thi sonly be used with an MSI file?

I'd appreciate any insights people may have.

Colette Monaghan
University of Hertfordshire