For a couple of days I try to get authentication over radius working.
I have configured VPN on a Cisco Pix (IOS v.6.3). The users should access
the internal network via a vpn session, with the same login and password
as they haven on the LAN.

Everytime I try to login, I get the next message on the radius screen:
[2004-04-20 12:34:46 PM] Access Rejected, .admin.dhs, Invalid password

Bordermanager 3.7 sp3 is installed and configured.

Below you see the, output of the radius bedug log:
[2004-04-20 01:24:11 PM] User Name: .admin.dhs, User DN: admin.dhs,
Domain: , Service Tag:
[2004-04-20 01:24:11 PM] (->)NDSVerifyAttr:NWDSRead
(admin.VELDHOVEN,RADIUS:Dial Access Group) succeeded, time:12
[2004-04-20 01:24:11 PM] (->)NWDSCompare:(admin.dhs) succeeded, time:8
[2004-04-20 01:24:11 PM] (->)NWDSRead(admin.dhs,RADIUS Enable Attr)
succeeded, time:9
[2004-04-20 01:24:11 PM] CACHE: CacheGetDASVersion(vpnpix.ncc.dhs),
using cache
[2004-04-20 01:24:11 PM] CACHE: CacheGetAuthPolicy(vpnpix.ncc.dhs),
using cache, count= 0
[2004-04-20 01:24:11 PM] (->)NADMAuthRequest()
[2004-04-20 01:24:12 PM] CopyCache:
[2004-04-20 01:24:14 PM] (->)NADMAuthRequest(admin.dhs) succeeded,
[2004-04-20 01:24:14 PM] (->)Authenticate (0 policy, NDS pswd) with
method tag (for admin.dhs), failed, invalid password (-815)
[2004-04-20 01:24:14 PM] (->)Authentication FAILED
[2004-04-20 01:24:14 PM] ->Sending Access-Reject (3) [(ip)
(1645)] count=20
[2004-04-20 01:24:14 PM] ->Inserting into RespQ , code(3) id(43).
[2004-04-20 01:24:14 PM] -------- END : (Access-Request (1)) [(ip)]: time:-894717127---

Can someone tell me what I do have to modify?

With kind regards
Erwin v. Doesburg
DHS Informatisering