hi guys,
We want to ask about NMAS Radius services error:
Situation :

we have 6 servers installed with NW6SP3, on one tree (join tree)
1. One of my server already running Border Manager 3.7 with
full services installed ( VPN , Proxy, Packet Filtering, Radius).

2. Then We installed 2 new netware servers with NW6sp3 applied. One for
production and one as Backup server. We installed that servers on the same
tree and installed NMAS RADIUS on this server and patched radius.nlm and
bauthpxy.nlm ( nmas 2.0 & 2.1 radius authentication fix based on TID
2965335 ) with the new files given from novell.
We are setting The NMAS 2.1 for radius login( creating DAS,DAP,Login
Policy,input vasco DPX files , apllied user for login using radius
services and
vasco token ) , everything configured properly.

But when we are tried to login from workstation , NMAS radius print out
error message :
" Unable to locate Authentication Rules ". From my experience testing
on LAB ,NMAS will print out this error messages if we are no configure
login policy for user ( I already configured Login Policy properly with
no errors ).

Question :
Is this caused by conflict services beetween NMAS Radius and BM 3.7
Radius because it is on same tree ( both of them installed on different
server and at same tree and same OU )
Because if we are installed NMAS on different tree the user can login
to the UNIX / LINUX server ( no errors appears )
Is this caused by login policy object created have some problem. Because
right now at the telkomsel tree there is a login policy object created by
BM 3.7?( may be BM 3.7 login policy object is older and not be supported )

Do we have to re-created Login Policy Object using NMAS Radius and NMAS

How do I make sure the login policy object created using NMAS Radius and
NMAS Snapin

is that cause by the new server which installed doesn't one of member of
replica partition? cause we have seen with NDSMGR32.exe, than go to the
view, partition and server, on the partition we have seen the server.

guys, we hope your detail answers, cause we are newbie on the netware,