I have and exception that's supposed to allow outbound traffic on port 1500. This is to allow a server running some testing software for our students to go out and talk with the software developers master update server and download any updates for the program.

I made the following exception to try and do this, but it's not working.

Source Interface Type: Interface
Source Interface: Private (Private)

Destination Interface Type: Interface
Destination Interface: PUBLIC (Public)

Patcket Type: A+nywhere Protocol: TCP
Src Port(s): <All> Dest Port(s): 9500
ACK Bit Filtering: Disabled Stateful Filtering: Enabled

Src Addr Type: Any Address
Dest Addr Type: Any Address
Logging: Disabled

So what do I not have configured right? All I need is for our server to be able to reach the master update server and then it downloads the service packs over port 80.