Our Netware 6 File Server crashed and was reinstalled and data restored. However, all new users created post Server reinstallation do not replicate to BM NDS, hence do not authenticate to the BM for Internet access. Please, I am stranded here...any help from colleagues. This is a SOS.

I have tried synchronization from DSrepair, unattanded DSrepair, but got an error code: -634 (could not find net address). Do I need to reinstall the BM on the Server NDS and if yes, how do I go about it? Please address the issue of licence if it is reinstalled, what objects would be removed from the File Server NDS after removing the Read/Write replica and BM object from the File Server. Please advice ...SOS.

Thank you in advance.
Francis Okagu
fokagu@yahoo.co.uk or okagu@unhcr.org