Have NW6.5 SP7, with CIFS set to do domain pass thur.

Win2K, XP, 2K3 seem to login to the AD domain properly, start to run the
login scripts, which have:
net use h: \\NetwareServer_W\sys
net use l: \\NetwareServer_W\vol1
style drive mappings made.

and on those platforms seems to be fine.

On Vista, we login, start to process the script, get asked for the
password, get shown the user ID in LDAP form, within the eDir tree,
which fails, and then if we use the original credentails, it works.

(We already did the NTLM v2 stuff on the Vista machine to get this far).

we do NOT have UP set up, since they are doing Domain pass thru and do
not need to auth against eDir via passwords.

Anyone else seen this and have an idea of how to resolve it?

In Domain pass thru do you still need the cifsctx.cfg file set up? (I
assume so, that is how it finds the user with the same name from AD in
eDir). Does this process use NDAP or LDAP? How does it handle multiple
names being found? (Say you have the user in one container, and an
alias in a second container? Would that count as finding the user
twice, or would it use the first reference it finds?)