Hey guys, maybe I didn't understand what I've read correctly, but I believe you can set Samba up for Windows Domain emulation? I know you can't get AD, but just for simple login purposes, is this possible?

Basically I have a SLES10 server with OES2 on it and I tried to configure Samba through iManager and added the user and set the Universal password all everything, but all I'm trying to do is get a test environment set up to emulate a Windows Domain so we can take down our old Windows NT4 domain and quit paying licensing fees for Windows. All our clients are WinXP machines but of course you have to authenticate to either a domain or the local workstation in order to login and don't want to have to create local accounts for every machine and also want a central place to manage password (ie: domain accounts). I've tried working with Zenworks, but that just creates a local account on the machine which would be fine except that you don't have a central place to manage the passwords (we have a lot of users that manage to forget their passwords). Also DSfW would work, but who knows when it's going to be available. So here I am trying to get Samba to do the job and still can't figure out what I'm not doing correctly. Can anyone help me please?