Hi, had an almost unheard of event while I was on vacation, the motherboard in my HP Proliant server failed. And it was during the nightly backup, of all times. The board was replaced, and when I came back from vaca I had to do some pool verify and pool rebuilds and also ran DSRepair. I run the seg.nlm so I have become very familiar with my NLMs. Since the board failure, the NSS.nlm gradually increases in memory on a constant basis, just a little at a time, but after a few days the LS Cache Free gets so low I have to restart the server. Also, my apache2.nlm and my Libc nlms are showing up on the trend list, both never have before.

Is is possible these somehow got corrupted? Is it possible to restore these from a backup and restart the server so they load up properly? I didn't want to just do it without first asking advice since I didn't know if I could actually overwrite these NLMs since they are loaded at the time the restore would have to take place.

Any ideas, advice, would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,