I have had zfd 6.5 functioning for the most part, but since I didn't have a lot of policies config, nor images, nor apps, I decided to just abandon it and switch not migrate to ZCM. Implementation is moving along, learning curve not to steep. But now when I attempt to take an image of managed device (win xp box) the ip of old zen imaging proxy shows up during the boot process. We also see the ip of the wrkst even though we have cleared the isd.

When we installed the adaptive agent the install would not proceed because the zfd 6.5 agent uninstall would fail. We found a work around by changing a reg key in the wrkst that was system/current/controlset/services/remote manager agent, start from a 2 to a 4, then the adaptive agent would install and I have started to mnge the device.

Any clues? What am I forgetting?