Don't make a fresh fruit and vegetable smoothie with the following ingredients:

1. Wendy's side salad (minus tomatoes and cucumbers)
2. Pineapple
3. Cup skim milk

It apparently tastes okay until you add the salad.

It looks like it might be okay, some flakes of lettuce floating around. But, that is okay I can handle that, unless if it reminds you of tossing tacos. It kinda did after I threw half of it down the sink.

But, it makes for a bitter after-taste. BITTER!!!!

I opted to have a small bit of salad(cucs and tomatoes) with a small bit of dressing. This was after I noticed that the dressing was mega calories and 20 Grams of fat.

Then so I wouldn't waste the rest of my salad, I threw it into my smoothie.

Big mistake. I think it had not been so much lettuce, I probably wouldn't have noticed the lettuce.

I was able to chug half of it. No side effects so far, just the bitter after-taste. Spinach or Broccoli would have been a better choice. I actually have gotten to like the taste of fresh broccoli, so it takes okay in my smoothies.

I guess it was truly a calorie reducer, since now I've lost my appetite.