This is the first time that I've tried to install an imaging partition since ZEN6.5. We have a few machines that we have to image disconnected. We can't get the imaging partition to boot correctly. The same symptoms occur on old and new machines, with SATA or PATA drives, as well as in a VMware VM.

Using a good CD with a custom "settings.txt", we can boot to CD and image correctly. Using the same CD to create an imaging partition causes errors. The original ISO is dated 10/5/2008, from zenworks-zmgbootcd- The option to "Install or Update ZEN Partition" seems to run find and the computer reboots, all apparently correctly.

When the imaging partition boots, the first thing that happens is:

'GRUB loading, please wait...
"(hd0,0)/boot/i386/loader/message" has wrong format, press a key to continue...'

Commenting the 'gfxmenu' line out of menu.1st and eliminate the first error. The file '/boot/i386/loader/message' format is 'data' rather than 'cpio'

The second error, is "Settings.txt not found". The 'settings.txt' file exists at the root of the imaging partition, the same file that's on the CD.

Booting the CD and choosing "Configure Parameters on ZEN Partition" also doesn't take.

Is anyone using imaging partitions successfully in ZCM?

Any thoughts?