Hi all,

I can't start a remote VNC session in my system SLES10SP2 with 7.2.2 HP1 installed.
When I try to install the novell-zenworks-zmd-rmagent rpm package i get the following error :

Resolving Dependencies...

ERROR: Dependency resolution failed:
Unresolved dependencies:
There are no installable providers of novell-zenworks-zmd-rmagent
Marking this resolution attempt as invalid.

And via Yast i get a resolution failed saying that cannot find installation providers for the package novell-rm-x11vnc.
Even I got this errors I omit the dependencies and I can see two new services installed in my system:
novell-rm-x11vnc: on
novell-rm-xvnc: off

But I still can't connect via VNC.

I attached picture from ZLM with the above error.