Any of you have recommendations for good quality audiobooks downloadable
online? Any recommendations of any specific recordings that caught your
ears? I already went through most of the ones on CD at my local public
library, and I am about to start going through what they offer online. I
have also checked out LibriVox (free quality is limited to 64k), but I was
wondering if others knew of other places online for legal public domain
audiobooks, or places to check out newer audiobooks. I now have a 1:15 drive
each way, so something to accompany me other than the droning of the same 3
songs on every radio station, or the same droning conversation on any talk
radio station would be nice. I amusingly finished 1984 the morning of
election day, but sadly & creepily started "Eaters of the Dead" by Michael
Crichton that evening...... (