It has been a few months so I thought I would bring it up again.
Brian Henze

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>Subject: Re: radius
>Author: Scott Jones
>Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2004 04:28:47 UTC
>Hello... yes, I'm reading this. :)

We were ready to post a month ago when we got push back from the
organization, so then we had to jump through some additional hoops and
got all the approvals we needed just prior to the break.

I've learned to promise nothing on this because Product Management has
trying to make the NetWare RADIUS Server a free download for a ***year
and a
hal*******! But we're closer than we've ever been. Tim Harris submitted
support plan they asked for today, in fact, so hopefully there's
nothing left
between us and free RADIUS except an FTP upload....


Scott Jones, Product Line Manager
Nsure Secure Access Group

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