We've just started to looks at OES2(sles10sp1) to replace some of our Netware based boxes, and also to start taking advantage of our VMWare environment. In order to do some basic tests, we loaded both Netware(65sp7 w/ latest patches) and OES2 linux(patched up to date), identically configured guests and storage within VMWare, and created NSS volumes containing the same data files (about 12GB of ISO files). Then we used TSATEST to guage read throughput on both.
The difference was substantial, more than I expected to see from the few tests we ran on physical hardware.
On average, The Netware guest got 16,110MB/min, and the OES2(linux) guest got 4557MB/min numbers.
The only configuration setting I've found so far that helped the linux numbers, was turning off the UnplugAlways parameter, and the improvement was about 900MB/min. (and the TID sounded like having this parameter 'ON' should provide the better performance).
The disk config is 8 - 15000rpm drives in raid1+0, 64k stripe. Both guests are 1 cpu w/ 4GB memory.
I noticed the linux box is much more cpu intensive during the test, but adding a second cpu didn't really help. I also tried changing the tsafs to Linux mode and using the linux path, but that also generated about the same numbers.
From reading these newsgroups, I expected to see somewhat less throughput on the linux kernel boxes, but not the figures I ended up with.
Is 4557MB/min as good as it gets for this type of test on OES2 linux, or is there something I am missing -any suggestions of what that may be is appreciated.