I am installing radius (nmas 2.0ee) in a dev environment to look at
wireless MAC Addr authentication.

I had BMAS radius running at a former company for dial-in auth and console
auth on iproute (DOS based software router by Dave Mischler). Since that
was in the Netware 5 days over 4 years ago, I don't remember if I had to
set up a DAS profile or not.

I installed Radius following TID 10078616, creating the profile and
adding the two listed attributes. I can authenticate fine using NTRADPing
as a client, IPRoute would show I authenticated on the Netware side, but
the console would drop me. I removed the attributes from the profile, and
it now works. I do get the following error that I can't track down:

(->)GetServiceTagProfile(schoenjo.PHXSANTEST01.PHX.F H, phxnta05_profile[De
fault]), failed, no such value (-602), size = 0
<0>: Tag "phxnta05_profile" uses
profile "phxnta05_profile.PHXSANTEST01.PHX.FH

Where does that error point to?

Are there any attributes that I should specifically add for mac address