Compaints about DMS and the GW7.0.2 and GW 7.0.3 client are escalating by
the day here. The latest:
I just had one person who was getting the 8209 (file not found) error when
trying to access documents she had just created. I had her close and re-open
her client, and then she got E501 errors on all documents (requested version
does not exist).
What I observed, this incident is with GW client 7.0.2, NLM agents 7.0.3HP1
on NW6.5.7, WIN XP with SP2, MS Office XP with latest patches----
This incident refers to a document created today, and then could not be
accessed. She was able to create documents yesterday fine. I noticed that
there was no filename associated with the Word document she had just
created, the doc had never saved to the library, the doc reference was
created but the doc content never saved (how without a filename I am not
sure). I tried to save a test doc, same thing, got an error "Word did not
save the document.

Indeed, there is no XPgrpwise folder in her TEMP folder. She claims she did
not and obviously DID NOT empty her temp folder, as there were lots of old
files in there. I re-created an empty XPgrpwise in Temp and she is again
able to save word docs without restarting so much as the client.

So the question is--why no XPgrpwise folder, and if none, why did the GW
client not just create one and am I alone in my observations?