Hope this is the best forum for this query.

Clients are MAC OS 10.5. Servers are OES2 Netware 6.5 SP7.

If users on the MACs use "Go" Connect to "Server" and type the IP address of the servers or the Dns name then then they are able to mount a drive to the root of the volume and gain access to there home directories; though they are having to go through all the folders leading to their home directory.

I wish to give them more direct access. They are able to use the web interface for netstorage but that is a bit clunky. I have read somewhere that I can put the full netstorage path in the server field under Go.. Connect to server. However, when they are asked for webdav details they are not able to authenticate.

I believe there edirectory password and simple password are okay, so any ideas of why it wont let them login under webdav?