Being that we are currently converting all our users to limited rights users on Windows XP, I have started experiencing problems with some NAL's.

No matter what NAL if it uses a .msi or .exe or if I am using the .msi or .exe to install or uninstall software when I go into the NAL object and go to Run Options then Enviornment and change the Executable security level to Run as secure system user it errors out. It also doesn't matter if the user has admin rights or limited rights it does the same thing once I change it to Run as secure system user.

The error I receive is:
Could not launch "nal name" (id=3) The system cannot find the path specified.

Now if I change it back to Run Normal it works perfectly fine. What step am I missing? The users have rights to location of the .exe, I have also for the heck of it gave the NAL rights to .exe

XP sp2, Novell Client 4.91 sp4

Zenworks 7 sp1