i have NW6.5Sp1a BM 3.8SP1 an I have set up DAS from C1 from a PC with
local installed C1.
But i can't get Radius to load.
My problem is not the load command, i have running Radius on my Test
Enviroment sucessfull.
The password set at objekt creaton and after that, the deleting an
recreating dosn't help.
Info the server have 3 Ip addresses !

Some Ideas to fix this up ?
IN c1 under other i haven't in the real systen no SAS:Login entries but in
the test env i have.

Dstrace showing:
Getloginconfig: -603
NMAS_Getloginconfig: -603

I get the message :

[2004-05-31 09:35:23 PM] Debug logging enabled to file
[2004-05-31 09:35:30 PM] Login name used
= "Heroldsberg_Radius_System.services.Heroldsberg.Ge rmany"
[2004-05-31 09:35:33 PM] (->)NWDSLogin
(Heroldsberg_Radius_System.services.Heroldsberg.Ge rmany), failed, no such
value (-602)
[2004-05-31 09:35:33 PM] (->)NDSInitialize
(.Heroldsberg_Radius_System.services.Heroldsberg.G ermany) failed, no such
value (-602)
[2004-05-31 09:35:33 PM] NDS initialization, failed, no such value (-602).