I am testing the mobile imaging with a large external drive and was wondering if anyone knows how to find/detect or view a list of the SDB partitions on a disk?

I need to only pick the main local drive to re-image and short of running "img dump" to find the position of the primary disk partition I was hoping to script it on the command line to show the techs the list in a text mode of only the SDB disks, have them enter the partition number and that feeds the imaging script (img rl \\path\.zmg a#:p#) to that position only

Note - We are using a custom script to chain images, that all works except it deletes the USB boot drive and it can nto be write protected. I do not want to seperate the boot to a write-protectable USB drive, I need it all to be on a single system. We have 80+ gig of images and add-ons