I have setup GroupWise Mobile Server v2.03 on SUSE 10.

I configured GWM to be a trusted application.

I put a protocol analyzer on the wire between the GWM server and the

When a mobile device connects, the user id and password are still sent
from the GWM server to the POA. I would have expected that as a
trusted app, no passwords would be sent.

I should mention that the user I am testing was also one that I
connected prior to making GWM a trusted application. I tried deleting
the user and re-creating but the password is still sent from GWM to
POA. I have not had the opportunity to try someone who did not exist
before GWM became a trusted app.

Is my understanding correct that passwords should not be sent between
the servers? Do I have to do something to the existing users to
remove their passwords from GWM?

Thanks in advance!