OES2 on SLES10 SP1

This is in a test lab, BTW.

Anyway, I have all my stuff setup, EVMS is running fine, went into
iMangler and created NSS volumes and pools.

They show up in iManager as active and mounted.

On the OES server I see /media/nss/VOL1

However, when I look in ConsoleOne, I don't see the volume objects other
than SYS.

I've even rebooted the OES server

boot.msg seems fine.

Meaning it says it's starting NSS (no errors)
It says it's Loading NSS pools
It mounts _admin volume
It says :Mounting all NSS Volumes (no errors
ncp2nss daemon is running
and NSS is running!

The server shows up in eDir (the master replica server shows it in there
as "up") and SLP shows the server as well

Am I missing something special?