Working with radius.nlm version from March 6, 2003 it isn't possible to
load radius with the delimiter=* switch. Have also tried version from
April 16, 2003, and it won't allow the use of this switch either. TID
#10082634 refers to the use of this switch and also the domaindelimter
switch. I'm wondering were to get this NLM as it looks like it should be
included with netware 6 service pack 4e.

Also would like to get some input on configuring radius using redundant
servers. I'm using clustering services 1.6 for Netware 6 and would like
to setup failover for radius. My understanding is that I can only have
one DAS, DAP, and login policy configured within my tree. I have loaded
radius on both servers and it seems to load and answer correctly, but am
wondering if there will be issues with the same object being used on two
seperate servers. Do I need to use clustering in this senario, or is that
overkill? If clustering is needed is there a switch that will allow
radius to be loaded on a secondary ipaddress?