We have received one of these printers (not by our choice) and are
attempting to make it work with iPrint. Here are some things we have tried:

1) Using the drivers from the CD... this causes errors while
attempting to install the printer to the workstation.

2) Using the PCL5 and PCL6 Universal Print Drivers... this installs
successfully and prints just fine, except from Microsoft Word. it will
cut off the end of the document and random spots. for example, printing
a 3 page document may only print 2 pages.

3) Tried to do iPrint Direct... this works the same as in number 2 above.

4) Installed the Print directly on the computers using the IP address
of the printer... this works perfectly fine using the PCL5 and PCL6
Universal Print Drivers.

Anyone have any suggestions to get a fully this as a iPrint managed printer?

Thanks in advance,