Just been checking out;


Novell suggest using netplwiz with netware client autologin.

Is this different to the following ?

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows_NT\C urrentVersion\Winlogon]

Is the password encrypted when using netplwiz ? Or is something
different when set in registry manually like the way above ?

When run this together with a netware auto login as described in the url
above the windows auto login fails.

I also set:

As my user is a active directory domain user account I also set the
DefaultDomainName registry key. The novell documentation does not
mention anything about active directory domain accounts, but I have seen
this on numerous other sites. I assume this is supported ?

Netware settings as below:


Value Type=REG_SZ, Name=AutoAdminLogon, Data=1
Value Type=REG_SZ, Name=DefaultUserName, Data=dbeckham
Value Type=REG_SZ, Name=DefaultLocationProfile, Data=Default
Value Type=REG_SZ, Name=DefaultPassword, Data=football

the novell login goes through but the windows domain login fails.
Can anyone offer any advice ?