We have a customer who wants to migrate to the new GroupWise 8 as soon as possible.

He has also bought new servers and wants to migrate from NetWare 6.5 SP7 to OES2 Linux. I have refused to do ANYTHING on OES2 Linux until OES2 SP1 Beta is out of Beta, but now the questions arise.

Should we migrate GW7 SP3 to GW8 and then try to migrate everything to OES2 or should we first migrate GW7 to OES2 and then upgrade to GW8?

As the whole issue is going onto new servers, we would also like to create a new (better designed) Tree at the same time. This raises the question, is it feasible to migrate an existing GW7 (or GW8) Domain with Post Offices and user mail to a new Domain on a new Tree???

Anyone got any ideas on this?