I installed BM3.8sp1 on NW6.5sp1. I started ConsoleOne from Sys:Public\...
of this server and tried to create a "Radius Dial Access System" object.
After the password was set, the object appears in ConsoleOne, but if I
make a refresh (F5) it disappears at once. I don't know why, but after
many attempts to create this object, suddenly one object was created
successfully. I tried again - no success. It doesn't matter in which
partition I try so create this object or if I start ConsoleOne locally or
from the Sys-Volume.

I also tried to download the radius-snapins and implement them in
ConsoleOne. But the snapins from the Product-page are dated 2001 and the
installed ones from Bordermanager are dated 2003. Never the less I tried
to work with the downloaded snapins, but ConsoleOne is freezing - you have
to restart the PC!

Do someone know this behaviour? Without the radius-object it's not possible
to configure anything!?

Thanks a lot,