I'm using the Novell SBS 6.5 tree with 3 servers:

1. Border Manager 3.8- sp1
2. GroupWise (NAT) - sp1
3. WEB (NAT) sp6 - Apache 2.0.59, MySQL ver. 5.0.67, PHP 5.2.6.

I'm considering to migrate only the WEB (third) server from the TRADITIONAL Netware to NOWS SBE.

My questions are:

1. Will a NOWS SBE server integrate and work with the other 2 servers as he does now?
2. I am using the GroupWise WebAccess, is it possible to install the GropuWise WebAccess on the NOWS SBE?
3. Do I need a more powerful hardware than the actual?
4. Is any way to migrate from the TRADITIONAL Netware to NOWS SBE on same BOX\hardware?

Any other suggestions or help is welcomed.