I'm sure many have heard that Circuit City is closing about 150 of it's 700
stores. One of them is here in our town. It only opened a few months ago!

The strip mall where it was is having some real issues. It had a Target on
one end for over 20 years, and an Albertsons on the other end, also over 20
years old and was always a pretty bustling spot at the main crossroads
coming into town. But then Target decided they needed to be "Super Target"
and built a new store on the other side of town. Soon Albertsons was gone
as well. The little stores in between have been suffering along (a hair
salon, pet store, camera store, Subway), and then suddenly Circuit City took
part of the old Target, and Sprouts Farmers Market just opened in part of
the old Albertsons. It looked like that particular area was going to "come
back" - but now Sprouts will be the only "big" store there again. There are
other things out in the parking lot, like a Blockbuster, Arby's, etc, but
the main parking lot has been pretty empty for well over a year now.
Circuit City had started helping, and Sprouts suddenly made the place look
like someone was there again - I wonder if the spot is doomed!

Interesting times.