Hi @ all

we have some problems with the login on our ZCM10.1.1 server.

The original conifguration is a Windows 2008 Active Directory in combination with an ZCM 10.1.1 running on an Windows 2003.

The login on the client takes about 1 minute up to 5 minutes.

In the logs i found a long timeout between the following entries:

[13:02:21:968] [NWGINA-2D0-2D4] GinaZenLogin entered
[13:02:21:968] [NWGINA-2D0-2D4] GinaSetWinlogonTimeoutValue entered
[13:02:21:968] [NWGINA-2D0-2D4] Screen saver timeout is 605
[13:02:21:968] [NWGINA-2D0-2D4] The string before parsing is %USERNAME%
[13:02:39:453] [NWGINA-2D0-2D4] GinaSetWinlogonTimeoutValue entered
[13:02:39:453] [NWGINA-2D0-2D4] GinaZenLogin returning 0
[13:02:39:453] [NWGINA-2D0-2D4] GinaProcessDynamicLocalUser called!

I search now for about 3 month to solve the problem...

Can anybody help me?