has anyone come across a problem like this before?
Pure MS Windows environment.
Our environment consists of eDirectory, Zenworks for Desktops 7 SP1 IR1 running on Windows Server 2003 SP2. No Netware servers. No Middle tier as we use the Novell client 4.91 SP2.

When a user travels to a remote site and logs in, after 90 seconds all the application icons that the user hasn't run disappear from the desktop/start menu. Rebooting restores the icons but again only for 90 seconds. Clearing the nalcache, refreshing the NAL doesn't work. Restarting workstation manager and then refreshing the NAL brings the icons back but again only for 90 seconds.

I have tried the agent from IR3a but still have the same problem also tried Novell client 4.91 SP5.

I have discovered that if there is a replica of the partition that the user belongs to is present on the remote server then the apps are OK. If there is no replica then we experience the problem.

This has been happening for ages so its not a recent patch thats been applied that has caused it, its only now that I have discovered that the replica placement affects this.