Hi to all,

Teaming installation is in my case a funny thing... ;o)

It's for me not possible to install the Teaming software in the version 1.0.3.

The Teaming problem is, that the software doesn't create the databases and the file directories, and the icecore file is missing under /opt/icecore/...

The environment:

SLES 10 SP2 64bit (all patches)
Java 1.5.0
MySQL 5.0.26-12
apache 2

The possibilities:

Yes, it's possibility that root can create databases.
Yes, the MySQL database is running.
Yes, all paths and environment settings are done (e.g. utf8, nofile).

Special things:

The /home/icecoredata directory is a symbolic link because the original store is a mounted
raw LUN under the /Teaming-Data directory. Yes, it's possible to write data in this directory.

Has anyone a idee why this don't work?!?