Trying to configure radius so that my administrators can add radius users
by adding them to groups. I've only been able to find an old TID 10017809
dated June 5, 2001. The TID indicates that in version 2.03 and 2.04 that
the ability to add the das and dap objects to a group isn't possible. I'm
hoping that there is something i'm missing being that i'm running
radius.nlm 4.14 with eDir 8.62 now and surely there would be a fix for
this by now. I tried to configure obejects as suggested within the TID,
but have not been able to authenticate users that are located in
containers other than where the das and dap objects are located. I was
able to create an alias for users (which works), but don't want to have
100's of alias objects. Would you be able to provide a solution that
would allow for users objects to authenticate via radius, if they are not
within the same container as the das and dap objects, without creating
aliases for each?