One of the best gifts I received growing up was a set of passes and ski school passes to the local ski hill and parents that supported me. (bought skis, etc)
My wife never skiied. (her family really didn't have the money for it)

After we got married I took her out a couple of times, but like most new skiiers she spent more time on her backside than feet. She also refused to take lessons.

When our oldest turned 10 I took her AND my wife to the 2-hour "Learn free" lessons that they offer. Our daughter did well, my wife didn't have the body strength to get up very easily when she fell down. After that she gave up completely and discourages our girls from going (unsuccessfully).

My family has given us a couple of pairs of skis of various lengths, so equipment hasn't been a barrier. I've taken my oldest out several times over the last couple of years on the cheap nights. She's gotten pretty good.

This summer I asked our 10-year-old twins if they have an interest in learning. "K" said she did, "C" said she didn't. Yesterday we went to a local resale store and bought a pair of boots for our oldest because she'd outgrown her other boots. I suggested that K try on the other boots to see what size works for her. A few minutes later I got called downstairs, which I thought was to help her get them off. When I got down there all THREE of them were standing in a pair of ski boots, and now C has an interest in learning!

I'm very excited that I'll have people to go with me, but I'm concerned that my better half will get upset at the thought of being left behind. Granted, it's only to the local ski hill, but she's kinda sensitive about things like that. I know she's pretty upset about the cost of it, and this isn't going to help.

I'm thinking in 3-4 years I'd like to take them all to the mountains to ski (a plane ride or 2-day drive away), but don't think that'll go over very well.

Does anyone else have this type of mixed marriage where one enjoys an activity with the kids, but the other doesn't? How well does it work?